Ministering to widowed and abandoned women by providing a safe, loving home and livelihood.

 The early days of our women's livelihood project

The early days of our women's livelihood project

the situation in nepal and our response

The Family Planning Association of Nepal estimates that there are 200,000 female Nepalis working against their wills in Indian brothels, with up to 7,000 more arriving each year. This is the devastating result of a culture that turns its back on women who are alone, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and pushing them to despair. 

Our women's livelihood project stands in the gap for these precious women, providing a safe, familial environment, meaningful work, and discipleship. Embraced by love and care, these women flourish. 

In addition to offering widowed and abandoned women a home, we also provide skills training through a bakery and handicraft cottage industry. The work provides purpose and a small income for the women, while allowing time for discipleship, fellowship, and community-building. 

Currently, ten women are part of our family. Each comes from a different background, but all have found joy and the unique sisterhood which has formed on our campus.

 The women working together in the bakery

The women working together in the bakery

Kumi Ori Bakery

Kumi Ori Bakery is the flagship component of our women's livelihood project. Opened in 2010, Kumi Ori offers an assortment of Nepalese and Wester bakery items. The women also grind peanuts to make fresh peanut butter. The profits from the bakery provides for the overhead of the livelihood project, as well as a small salary for each woman. 

Kumi Ori, the Hebrew phrase for "Arise and Shine," comes from Isaiah 60:1. "Arise, shine, for your light has come!" This has become the theme of the livelihood project, the hope that through this effort the women who are part of our family will arise out of their desperate situations and shine because of the hope, grace, and mercy provided to them through Jesus Christ. 

If you'd like to make a one-time or recurring gift to support Kumi Ori Bakery, click here. Designate your donation for Kumi Ori Bakery.

 The women learning how to quilt

The women learning how to quilt

Mercy Works

Mercy Works is the newest addition to the women's livelihood project. Mercy Works offers craft training, with products ranging from purses, pillows, and home goods to crocheted items. 

If you'd like to make a one-time or recurring gift to support Mercy Works, click here. Designate your donation for Mercy Works.

To buy one of the bags below, please email Sue Garrison at These bags are hand-made by the widows at Mercy Mission. All proceeds from the sale of these bags goes toward meeting the needs of the widows.


A Final Note

Though the women's livelihood project is primarily self-funded through the profits of Kumi Ori Bakery and Mercy Works, one-time or recurring gifts are always welcome and appreciated. The additional funding allows us to invest in special projects related to our ministry for widowed and abandoned women.