Esther Joins Our Widow's Home


Esther came to us from Lamjung. She was married at 17 and her husband was a preacher/evangelist in a church in Pokhara. When she was delivering their first baby, her husband was traveling by bus from Chitwan to be with her. There was an accident and the husband was killed. Esther and her son, Agape, were taken in by her Hindu in-laws. As usual in these cases, Esther was blamed for their son’s death and the in-laws and relatives heaped abuse on her. She heard of Mercy Mission from one of our teachers who is a relative. She was in a very depressed state and it took just a few days for her to realize that she was in a very safe, loving place. She is very happy now and plans to stay here and raise her son to continue her husband’s ministry.