Women have it so hard in Nepal. If a husband dies or abandons his family, the woman is typically blamed and considered unlucky or cursed. Family, relatives, and others are often of no help and frequently persecute the woman. We hear these kind of stories from the widows on our campus. Manu showed up at our campus crying one day and as we learned her story, it broke our hearts. Some years before in a village, her husband got sick and died, leaving her with a small son. She was very mistreated after this. A couple of years later she remarried and had a daughter. Then, this second husband got sick and died! Of course, Manu was viewed as "cursed" more than ever after this. She finally had no choice but to leave. She came to Kathmandu with her two small children and as the local people found out her story, their response to her was the same as she received in the village. Cursed! Stay away! The day she came to our campus, she was at the end of her rope, so discouraged and no where to turn for help. She remained with us and was given unconditional love. You can see the joy and happiness in her face. She and her children have thrived since their arrival last year. Her transformation because of love and Jesus Christ has been a beautiful thing to see.