Mercy Mission Academy

Mercy Mission Academy (MMA) was founded in March 2014 by Mercy Mission Himalayas Nepal (MMHN) to serve the children in our orphanage. The first year we have about 120 children, half of those were our orphans. The other children come from the local community and other orphanages.

We started with grades Pre-School to Class 8. This past year we added Class 9, and beginning in April 2016, we will add Class 10.

The school exists on the two campuses of MMHN which sit next to each other. Pre-school to Class 2 are on the girl’s campus, and Class 3-10 are on the boy’s campus.

The one distinguishing feature of MMA is that we teach a Bible curriculum in each class. This makes us attractive  to other Christian orphanages in our area and we expect to grow quickly. We would like to have a student population somewhere between 250-300 students to make the school financially viable. Our tuition and fees are quite a bit lower than comparable schools so we can accommodate not only our orphans but the local poor children as well.