Land Purchase Update

Things are moving forward on the purchase of village land. This land is being donated to us by a village pastor who lost the means of starting a farm when his wife became ill and died this past year. We just need to pay off his loan at the bank. We currently have received $65,000 of the $120,000 needed. The village is located at the red marker on the map below in the center of Nepal, west of Kathmandu. Our other base of ministry is marked on the eastern Nepal border.

Because this land is off the main road, and not all the roads are paved yet, we require a 4wd vehicle. We found a used one that was only six months old. It should last us many years. There is a 268% tax on imported vehicles (all vehicles are imported!) so the cost is way more than we would like. We need $43,000 for this Scorpio from India. We hope to sell our school van for $13,000 and put that toward the cost, so our final need is $30,000.