Venturing into the City

With time off school following the completion of exams, the girls from the children's home had a day for exploring a bit of Nepal's history on a tour of the royal palace.


The palace, constructed in the 1970s, served as home for Nepal's ruling monarchy until the country was declared a republic in 2006.

With the children's home director acting as tour guide, the girls were able to explore the opulent palace and grounds, an important part of their country's history. The tour coincided with lessons from school so the girls were able to see with their own eyes what they had been studying in books. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed on the palace grounds so there aren't pictures of the girls on their tour.

But there are plenty of pictures of the activities after the tour!

palace and ice-cream 137.jpg

Ice Cream!!!

The group found an ice cream vendor who quickly scooped up cones for everyone. What a sweet treat! A little ice cream and a walk on the streets of Kathmandu was quite the experience for many of the girls.

palace and ice-cream 138.jpg
palace and ice-cream 148.jpg
palace and ice-cream 1.jpg

After ice cream, a little nourishing food was in order and a quick stop at a local momo restaurant provided just what was needed.

palace and ice-cream 180.jpg
palace and ice-cream 163.jpg

We are so thankful for the sponsors who make this life and these sorts of trips possible for the children in our care in Nepal!