Global Hospital

A vital component of caring for the children God has brought to Mercy Mission Children's Home is monitoring their physical health. Annual wellness exams are a requirement for all children's homes in Nepal, and this year we were fortunate to have doctors from Global Hospital in Kathmandu provide exams for our children and staff free of charge.


The children were thrilled to have a change in their routine and enjoyed watching the physicians do their work, playing on the scale and examining all the medications carefully arranged by the nurses.


Each child underwent a full physical. Lingering health issues, such as congestion or sore throats, were addressed and clean bills of health were awarded.

Medical check up group pic-1.jpg

We are so grateful for faithful sponsors who enable us to provide for the health and comfort of the children of Mercy Mission Children's Home. We are also grateful for the willingness of the physicians of Global Hospital to donate their time and resources to ensure our children remain healthy.