"How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? and how are they to hear without a preacher? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!'"

Romans 10:14-15

According to Operation World, there are 380 distinct people groups in the country of Nepal. However, 93 percent of all Nepalis remain unreached by the Gospel, making Nepal one of the least reached countries in the world.

The need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Nepal is immense.

Vision Nationals-Nepal's church planting and pastor training program exists to bridge the gap in a country starved for truth, training godly men how to teach the Word of God in their own language, to their own people. Our training program is two-pronged, with a six-month onsite training center at our campus in Kathmandu, as well as a mobile training program which reaches pastors in rural areas of Nepal. We also work with pastors on projects designed to provide a degree of financial independence and self-sustainability.

On-Site Bible Training Center

Vision Nationals-Nepal's six-month pastor and church planter training program is hosted on our campus in Kathmandu. Men from across the country leave their village homes and their families for the duration of the training, completely sold out to the process of learning how to teach of Word of God and shepherd His people.

Courses at the training center include homiletics, hermeneutics, Bible doctrine, Old Testament, New Testament, discipleship, church planting, pastoral epistles, the Gospels and spiritual life. The intense, six-day-a-week training is designed to equip men to establish Bible-teaching churches in their home villages.

During each training, Vision Nationals-Nepal provides room and board for the students, along with study materials. One six-month training costs roughly $4,000. 

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Mobile Training

In addition to the Bible training school, Vision Nationals-Nepal also offers on-site mobile training in strategic locations around Nepal. Trainers are sent to rural areas to reach pastors who are unable to commit to six months in Kathmandu. While the trainings in Kathmandu are beneficial for many, there has been the realization that it is supremely difficult for men to leave their homes, families and ministries for that amount of time.

The mobile training program addresses these challenges by taking the training to the men and providing ongoing encouragement and support. The mobile training also allows for a broader reach for solid Biblical training. 

The goal for the mobile training program is to hold trainings in 10 to 12 strategic locations across Nepal each year. Average cost per training is $500-$600. That cost includes training materials, travel cost for the trainers, food and sometimes lodging for the participants.

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Another component of Vision Nationals-Nepal's church planting ministry is a desire to encourage and enable self-sustainability for village pastors throughout Nepal. It is our desire that each pastor be self-supporting and work like the locals. Business and skills training are provided as part of the Bible school curriculum. Vision Nationals-Nepal continues to investigate ways to help village pastors and church planters by providing aid in business start-up costs, such as the purchase of a water buffalo, goats, bees or a fishery. An added benefit of this program is the respect and acceptance gained form the locals when they see pastors working for a living.

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Each of the components of Vision Nationals-Nepal's pastor training and church planting program is an important piece in a comprehensive ministry to the Body of Christ in Nepal. It is not necessary nor is it beneficial or sustainable for a Western missionary to fill the pulpit in every church in Nepal, but it is necessary for pastors in Nepal to have a clear understanding of the Word of God and the tools required to faithfully shepherd their flocks.

If this ministry is something that resonate with you, please consider an investment in equipping the local church in Nepal for the Kingdom of God.

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"He heals the brokenhearted and binds their wounds."

Psalm 147:3

Their stories are all different, as unique as the individual women themselves. Perhaps there was a death, the result of conflict in the country, or disease, or poverty. Perhaps there was violence, hate directed toward a mother and her children. Perhaps there was abandonment, a woman left to fend for her family on her own.

Their stories are all different.

And yet, their stories are all the same. Loneliness. Fear. Desperation. Hopelessness.

The Family Planning Association of Nepal estimates 200,000 female Nepalese are working against their will in Indian brothels, with up to 7,000 more arriving each year. This is the devastating result of a culture that turns its back on women who are alone, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation and deceit. Pushing them to a place where they see no other options or choices. They see no hope.

But our God is a God of HOPE.


Vision Nationals-Nepal's women's livelihood project stands in the gap for these women, providing a home, meaningful work, love, family and discipleship for those who have no options left. Embraced by the love of the body of Christ and taught the Truth, these women have found a place to blossom and grow.

In addition to offering a home, Vision Nationals-Nepal provides skills training for the women through a bakery and a handicraft cottage industry. The work provides purpose and a small income for the women while allowing time for discipleship, fellowship and community.

Currently, 9 women are part of the Vision Nationals-Nepal family. Each comes from a different background, but all have found joy in the body of Christ and the unique sisterhood which has formed on our campus.

Kumi Ori Bakery is the flagship component of Vision Natonals-Nepal's women's livelihood project. Opened in 2010, Kumi Ori offers an assortment of Nepali and Western bakery items in a storefront and for order. The women also grind peanuts to make fresh, natural peanut butter. The profits from the bakery provides for the overhead of the livelihood project as well as a small salary for the women.

Kumi Ori, the Hebrew phrase for "Arise and Shine," comes from Isaiah 60:1. "Arise, shine, for your light has come!" This has become the theme of the livelihood project, the hope that through this effort the women who are part of the Vision Nationals-Nepal family will arise out of their desperate situations and shine because of the hope, grace and mercy provided to them through the work of Christ.

Vision Nationals-Nepal's newest venture is a handicraft cottage industry called Mercy Works. Through Mercy Works, the women who are part of the program are creating bags, home goods and knitted wares to be sold in the U.S. and Canada.

The women's livelihood project is primarily self-funded through the profits of Kumi Ori Bakery and Mercy Works. However, one-time gifts are always welcome to aid in special projects and provide additional funding.

Please consider if you would be interested in helping us care for the women God has brought to our campus.

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"In You the orphan finds mercy."

Hosea 14:3





Throughout Scripture, God displays His heart for the orphan. It is the heart of a Father who loves completely, who does not wish for one moment to see pain, hurt or fear on the faces of His children.

Vision Nationals-Nepal's children's home exists to carry out the will of God in caring for the orphans of Nepal, providing a home, love and hope to children who may have never known the comfort of a stable environment.

We currently care for over 80 children, some of whom are true orphans and some of whom come from desperate situations and single parent homes where poverty has made their care all but impossible.


At the children's home, these young souls find a home, a community and a family. From meals and devotions to schooling and play, life is a communal effort on our campus, and children without families find a never-ending supply of siblings and uncles and aunties.

Most importantly, the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught daily.

Lives are now filled with purpose.

Laughter fills the campus, prompted by the joy found in Christ.


Joy beyond circumstance. 


Ask any of the children what they want to do with their lives and the answers range from doctor to teacher. Many children want to be part of spreading the joy of the Gospel across their country.

"I want to teach my village about God," says one little boy.

Vision Nationals-Nepal is dedicated to caring for these children until they are ready to be on their own. Our hope is that each will reach their full potential, whether that be through education or skills training. Girls at the campus are taught handicrafts and cooking skills and the boys have the opportunity to learn trade crafts such as carpentry, mechanics and metal work.


Vision National-Nepal's children's home is funded through the generous support of sponsors. Each child at the home is sponsored by individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of these children. A $75/month sponsorship covers all the needs of an individual child, including education, clothing, food and medical care. Additional sponsorships cover the cost of the children's home staff.

Sponsorship provides each child a chance to know Christ, receive an education, plenty of food and a good bed. Sponsorship also allows our children to be loved and cared for by our godly staff. A very worthwhile investment!

The children's home also always needs additional supporters to provide for unique needs and unexpected expenses.

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